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First let me apologize for the length of this post, but I have had a lot going on and do not know where to go. I will preface by saying that I have always been a highly active person, hiking, biking, dancing, camping kind of person. Whatever is going on now has caused me to cease all of these activities for over 9 mos now.

In August of last year I had an incident occur where out of nowhere my left eye shot inwards causing me to see double. It freaked me out and I had to calm myself down and close my eyes for several minutes in order for it to go back to its normal place. I saw a neuro-opthahlmologist for this and she stated it was likely a migraine in my eye. Ok, I have suffered all my life with migraines so I'll take it. Saw a neuro and he did an mri on my brain said everything looked good but I needed to get my migraines under control.

Flash forward 7 mos. In March of this year I woke up with painful cramping in the back of my legs, from my hips to my ankles. I went to the beach that day and got really sunburnt. The next few days were agonizing, not from the sunburn but from the leg pain. It got a lot worse and migrated to the front of my legs as well. I saw my regular dr and he did a bunch of blood tests, only things came back odd were high potassium and elevated markers for swelling (I forget the right term they used). ok dr ordered mri's, ct's, more blood work, literally a ton of tests and I should probably be considered radioactive at this point!
My spinal mri came back with disc bulges but my dr said these are likely from age, nothing to worry about. ok again.
Symptoms at this point were pain in both legs, major muscle twitching in legs and muscle spasms in my legs when descending stairs (you can actually see these when you watch me walk down stairs), also an odd gait because of the pain and weak feelings.
Sent to a rheumatologist, she immediately diagnoses fibro, I know enough to know that this is not fibro. Gave me meds to which I was intolerant of and sent me back to my reg dr. ok....
Now I have had many bouts of forgetfulness with words (cannot put sentences together at times or read familiar words), the muscle weakness has migrated to my arms and hands which now also spasm.
Had an Mri a month ago on my brain again. This came back with multiple lesions as well as one deep in my corpus callosum. My neuro (which is not the same one as the initial brain mri ) says well we will wait 6 mos and redo the mri and see what it says. omg. Also, now my Vit d and b-12 are low and need supplementation. She suggested I get a second opinion from another neuro through the practice, my appt is set for jan 13.
I am so frustrated, it has been 9 mos of progressive pain and weird symptoms with absolutely no answers. I cannot take anything that helps the pain and it is seriously effecting my life. I am so close to just giving up at this point but i know that isn't the right answer. I have even put off going back to school because I am afraid I won't make it through well. Here are the many symptoms that I currently have or have had recently, when I get sick the symptoms have become worse for a period of time:
Severe fatigue, muscle cramping, twitching and weakness in legs and arms, forgetfulness, trouble reading familiar words, dexterity problems in hands, dizziness, passing out, severe itching in feet, right eye peripheral vision clouded at times, eyes crossing, eye tracking is off at times, pain in both legs, especially if I overexert myself. I am sure there are more but this is off of the top of my head.
I am scared and I don't know where else to turn. My husband and mom seem to think it is ms and I can agree that many of my symptoms fit, but I have also fit into many other things too that have not been correct. Does this sound like ms to you guys? also I have read a lot about keeping a symptom list, should this be done daily or just write up all I can think of? I just want to go into this new neuro with my eyes open and give him what he needs to hopefully make a dx finally. I really kind of wish they would just do the lp and either confirm or deny ms.... Any help or responses are greatly appreciated!

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