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Not Sure
Jan 13, 2016
This is my first post in the forum and I don't know if I'm being crazy for thinking I could have MS or not.

I've suspected I've had an autoimmune and/or nerve disorder for a long time. I guess this basically started back in 2011ish. That's when I was diagnosed with periodic limb movement disorder. Since then I have experienced the following symptoms:

Headache (tend to get ocular migraines but have had auras in the absence of a headache as well)
Head fullness/pressure without pain
Weakness in hands/arms/legs
Muscle spasms in arms/legs (diagnosed with periodic limb movement disorder during a sleep study in 2011)
Burning/tingling in feet
Numbness in hands/arms (day and night)
Frequent UTIs
Slight urinary incontinence (only once)
Heart palpations
Losing train of thought
Diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in November 2014 following foot surgery
Low iron (have been taking supplements from July to October and levels got worse)
Low Vitamin D (improved some from July to October but still low) still taking
Low Vitamin B12 (improved from July to October) no longer taking

I recently made an appointment with a Neurologist (for 1/27) and I'm going to take this list to her and see what she recommends. I don't believe she is a MS Specialist but she has experience in treating MS so I'm hoping it's a good starting place as I've never had a MRI or even consulted with anyone regarding these symptoms. I did find one MS Specialist but she only accepts patients who have already been diagnosed.

I know I can't be diagnosed on the web but thought I'd list what I have been experiencing and see if anyone has had the same issues.

Thanks for reading.

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