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Re: Not Sure
Jan 13, 2016

:wave: Welcome. Many of your symptoms can present with MS, but not all. That said, You shared that you were deficient or low in Vitamin D, B12, and Iron. These can all combine for a trifecta wherein your symptoms could be caused by them.

Do you know if there was any reason given for the B12 level? Vitamin D deficiency is the cause of about 15% of patients presenting with MS like symptoms. It can require 3 -6 months for symptoms to reverse after you return to a normal range and maintain that normal range. Myself, I was low-normal and my MS Specialist had me supplement D3. I will be supplementing for the foreseeable future. My doctor monitors my levels to ensure that my dosage is working.

Diet adjustments can improve your vitamin levels. Some doctors have nutritionists to aid you in that endeavor.

As to laying aside any worry of MS, seeing an MS Specialist will save you a long trip through limbo land. An MRI will be needed if warranted. The MRI should be minimally your head and neck (brain and c-spine) both with and without contrast.

There are over 400 maladies/illnesses which can mimic MS. There is no single test for MS. The MRI will look for any lesions, BUT MS is not the only concern which presents with lesions and 5% of MSers present initially with symptoms and no lesions. Some doctors will hold to the notion that a Spinal Tap (LP) can identify MS. It cannot.

If your neurologist has experience with MS diagnoses, you should be fine. Otherwise, if the potential for MS exists, an MS Specialist is best. Your history of vitamin deficiencies, however, will play a significant variable in your diagnosis. While an MRI is good to get to provide a "snapshot" in your timeline, a diagnosis may have to wait until your deficiencies have been remedied and time allowed for recovery and symptom reversal.

Lastly, migraines can cause lesions. The lesion size if seen in an MRI will be 2 mm or less. Migraines cause lesions, but the lesions are different in size and shape than those attributed to MS.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing. It is not easy and you need answers. While you are waiting on your appointment, try to relax and to not worry. Worry and anxiety can add to symptoms if you have MS, BUT they can also mimic MS causing further confusion. and diagnosis delays. A symptom journal can also benefit you. MS Symptoms are usually those lasting or persisting for 24+ hours. In your journal you can track your symptoms by start and stop dates/times and see if they last 24_ hours. You can then divide your symptom list into less than 24 hours and more than 24 hours. This can provide you with some insight and also benefit you and your doctor.

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