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Re: Scared ...
Jan 31, 2016
Hello Hank16,

[QUOTE=Hank16;5401927] I went to the emergency room a few weeks back with what was probably an anxiety attack but I am thinking it may have been a 'ms hug' as it was tightness across all of my chest. Does anyone know how the hug usually feels or presents itself?

What is referred to as the "MS hug" is muscle spasms of the intercostal muscles. This as well as any other symptom is not exclusive to MS. Many other conditions, medications and mental health issues can cause the same type of symptoms as those seen in MS.

Since you went to the ER and nothing was found and you do deal with anxiety, anxiety is probably the cause for the tightness you were feeling. Anxiety can certainly cause chest tightness, difficulty breathing and chest pain. That's why the ER sees so many people that come in believing they are having a heart attack but ends up being due to anxiety.

An eye exam can detect problems with the eyes that includes some of the problems MS can cause. Your eye exam was normal which would mean more than likely MS is not the issue.

Has your Physician done a Neurological exam? Neurological type symptoms should be investigated with MS as a possibility. If the person has a normal Neurological evaluation/exam it is highly doubtful that the person has MS. You simply cannot have Neurological symptoms from MS and have a completely normal Neurological exam.

Itchy skin this time of year is quite normal. It can be difficult to find a cream or lotion that helps. Trial, error and consistency is needed when trying to treat itchy winter dry skin.

I would suggest you see a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist to treat your anxiety. A Psychiatrist is a MD and can prescribe medications. A Psychotherapist can help you with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for better control of your anxiety. With their help you very well may see an improvement in your symptoms.

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