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thanks for sharing your story indierock! I went back and read over some of your posts... I cannot imagine waiting SEVEN years for an explanation. I sincerely hope that the MS specialist can figure out what is happening with you.

I do know how it feels to have your symptoms dismissed though. The rheumatologist I saw just sort of read my charts, shrugged her shoulders, and blew me off - didn't even do an examination. It was the weirdest thing, she really made me feel as though I was wasting her time. I was sent to her because of the positive ANA and my PCP wanted Lupus to be ruled out... the rheumatologist didn't even run any further tests. She just threw some prednisone at me for my joint pain and told me to go back to my other doctors.

So I'm wondering, what can cause these burning feelings and cramps in/on my foot? On my first appointment with the neurologist, he poked around on my feet and noted numbness that I hadn't even been aware of. SOMEthing must be causing this, but I feel like they are running out of things to test for (they have ruled out so many things).

On one hand I want to believe it can all be the vitamin d, but then at the same time I feel like something inflammatory is going on, as the whole past year was filled with one weird thing after another... I developed eczema (never had it before), I had shingles (apparently its not just for old people), and developed joint pains in joints that I had not had problems with before, like my AC joint. I just feel inflamed (can you feel inflamed?).

By posting here I was sort of hoping someone would say that my symptoms just scream something - either vitamin d deficiency or something else that has not been thought of. I feel helpless between appointments, l'm not a fan or the waiting game. I know I need to just be patient but it's hard.

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