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Hello everyone.

I am having some troubling symptoms since September 2015. It all started with an eye twitch that would not stop. It then progressed to arms twitching, and finally body wide twitching. During this time, I would feel perceived weakness (I saw perceived because I'm not clinically weak, and can still do things) intensely in my right leg. I have recently started having difficulty walking (Once again, I can still squat a horse, but it feels weak) and also pain in my right hand that shoots up through my arms (I also feel weakness and a burning sensation) My grip is still very strong, so I think the weakness is perceived there as well. To sum it all up, over the course of 5 months, I had the following issues:

Breathing difficulty (On and off)
Body wide twitching (Including the face, lips, and tongue) and cramps
a weak feeling in my arms, legs and hands
And just general pain in the limbs.
numbness and tingling
Buzzing/popping sensation on bottom of feet

I can still lift weights just fine, button my shirt, type, write..etc. I have been seen by 3 neuros during this time. I have had 1 full body EMG (Normal, but should a mild case of unlar neuropathy in elbow, and also should the fasiculations), one single fiber EMG in the neck muscle (Normal) and three clinical exams (no hyper reflexes, clinical weakness, balance issues..etc) I was diagnosed with Begin Fasiculations. A regular person would be happy about this, but not me. I have to figure out what is wrong with my body. My obvious fear is ALS, but I have been told by all of those neuros that it isn't ALS. My next thoughts are either MG, or MS. I just don't know what else to make of this. It is completely consuming my life.

I know you all aren't doctors, but does this sound remotely close to MS, or something neurological? If not, does anyone recognize this to be anything they can think of? (Vitamin B12 or Magnesium deficiency)

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