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Your doctor is incorrect in my non-medical opinion. I have had the pain down to my elbow like you described. For me it is due to some active lesions on my T-spine. I usually have the burning sensation and severe pain in my lower back through my left hip down to my knee. You do not have to have discomfort in your hand for this to be a flare-up. The meds used to "treat" MS are not a guarantee. They are supposed to reduce the flareups, BUT the medicine can, and often is, ineffective or becomes ineffective.

1. It could be a flare-up. 2. It could be related to your medicine. OR 3. A combination of 1 and 2. An MRI would probably show active lesions or at the very least new lesions.

For me, this pain has responded 100% of the time to my heating pad. Like with my lower back and legs, I found that the heating pad applied to the area of the most severe pain literally melts the pain away within minutes. My MS Specialist was going to try some creme with Capsaicin, but it was $650 per tube and, there was no guarantee. I tried the heating pad on my shoulder and arm and it worked perfectly. You might try cold compresses first as this is always the first suggestion of my MS Specialist. Cold water soaks have worked well for my hands and feet.

Thank you for sharing. :angel:

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