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Do I have MS?
Apr 27, 2016
Hi! I tried to copy & paste my MRI results from 4 yrs. ago, but wouldn't cooperate with me & don't know why. I'll try to give you my symptoms, but first want to say the MRI showed 0.5x0.5 cm. lesions and said didn't r/o M.S., but said TIA and to return 6 mos. to a yr. later for another MRI. My old GP told me he could see I had a TIA bc the right side of my face drooped a little along with my right eyelid. Then he read the MRI results and concluded that's what it was. Didn't know I had to return for the MRI so my present GP is trying to schedule it. Problem is that to get anything done here takes about 6 mos. Sick of this! This is what's been going on for about the last 3 yrs. or more. Always tired, disoriented, dizzy, uncoordinated, muscle cramps/spasms in calves, mainly left side, both feet, shooting pains in abdomen, legs, feet, walking isn't right, memory horrible (I'm 63), bladder incontinence only getting worse, spasms on the sides of both hands (unexplained), muscle wasting on both feet and hands, numbness/tingling in fingers and toes, can't expand 3 toes on left foot (the little 1 + 2 others) and neurologist said it was common, common for what?!, have had an NCS/EMG and 1 other EMG with normal or negative results, weakness in arms & legs, eye pain, some double vision at times and slight tremor in both hands. I'm not jumping to conclusions. I know M.S. mimics other illnesses and no one has the same symptoms. Just concerned because I have to wait forever to get an MRI done and also GP hasn't even sent referral in to neurologist which takes another 6 mos. :( Thanks for any info you can give me.

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