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Re: Possible MS
May 5, 2016
HI Flemingsk,
I am glad you found us on the MS Board. You had written "Have you ever had a sensation like you have a belt on when you don't? I have had this on about 3 occasions in the last month. It feels like there is a belt around my abdomen just below my chest. It doesn't hurt, just feels like there is something around me"

I know this feeling. Right where my bra band goes under my chest, I sometimes out of the blue, get this tightening. This is known as the MS Hug, and it can happening randomly out of the blue. For me it lasts 3-4 times in a very short time (15 minutes or so) and then it passes and may not return for weeks or even months. The first time it happened to me I thought it was a heart attack! The second and third time it felt more like indigestion. Eventually I learned that for me this is caused by my disease. There is no rhyme or reason as to when it will appear and there is no medicine for it. I have learned to just breathe through it and wait for it to pass.

This is something you want to talk to a MS specialist about. Have you found one yet? Usually big teaching hospitals or University hospitals will have a MS doctor. It is not unusual to have to travel an hour + to find one and it can take 2-6 months to get in to see one! They arent on every corner.

Let us know if you get an appointment!

Re: Possible MS
May 5, 2016
Thanks MSNik

I haven't found an MS Specialist yet, but I should be going for my Cervical and Thoracic MRI hopefully within a week. Then I am supposed to go back to my Neurologist, who specializes in MS. I have researched and found some MS Specialists that are about an hour and 1/2 away from me. I am going to see if my Neurologist will refer me so I can go for further evaluation.

As for the band like sensation, mine hasn't caused any pain. I can just feel it around my abdomen in the same location as you described. The first two times it only went around the front, but the last time went all the way around. It lasted for about 5 minutes or so. Not long and not painful, thankfully.

I'm glad I found this site also and am so grateful for all the responses. It helps me to explain what I'm feeling and hear what others have experienced, which is helpful for me to not worry as much. I am trusting that it is all in God's hands and he will lead me to where I need to be. He lead me to you all and I am thankful!

I hope you are doing well! I will keep you posted.

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