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Hello heather4867,

Lhermittes sign only happens when you bend you head down, not your body in any way, just your head (chin to chest).

[QUOTE]Now I can't bend over from the waist at all without feeling these sensations with dizziness and loss of balance.

[QUOTE]The first time I remember feeling this was several years ago when I was reading in bed and I felt a strong feeling of electricity from my head to my toes[/QUOTE]

Neither of your descriptions fit Lhermittes sign.

Lhermittes sign will cause abnormal sensations --- buzzing/vibrations, tingling, electrical shock. This can be felt spine down and some feel it waist down. The sensations will last only seconds but can be repeated each time you bend your head. If the electrical shock you are experiencing doesn't only happen when bending your head and/or is lasting more than seconds ---- it's not Lhermittes.

Lhermittes is not exclusive or unique to Multiple Sclerosis, there are many other conditions that can cause Lhermittes. When related to Multiple Sclerosis Lhermittes is caused by lesions on the cervical spine (neck). It's not caused by brain lesions or lesions lower than the cervical spine.

Have you had a MRI of the cervical spine? If not you should discuss having a MRI of your spine. One of the causes of Lhermittes are mechanical back problems such as bulging/herniated discs. Multiple Sclerosis would not cause back problems.

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