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I was diagnosed officially in June of last year. Had a probable diagnosis the year before that, and think I have really had symptoms for about 9 years.

Nine years ago I had balance issues, dizziness and numbness in my face. I was fine most of the time but issues would come and go. Two years ago I had major tingling/throbbing all around my head and in my face. This was accompanied by vertigo and dizziness. It lasted for several months. I had a few small lesions on my brain at that time, but my spinal tap only showed elevated protein, no O-bands so I wasn't officially diagnosed (although my neurologist told me he was pretty sure I had it). I was fine for a year, and then got exhausted on an overseas flight and ended up with more tingling and numbness in my legs, and a tightness in my throat that wouldn't go away. MRI revealed new lesions so DR. officially diagnosed me.

I haven't had another relapse since June last year. I take 40mg Copaxone 3 times a week, 5,000 IU's of vitamin D daily, eat a Vegan with seafood diet low in saturated fat (plenty of healthy omega 3 fats), exercise daily, get natural sunshine 3 times a week. I feel good most of the time. My biggest issues are tingling all over, and MS Hug on my head from time to time. I do also suffer from fatigue off and on, so have limited my out of work commitments.

I am a CPA and the CFO of a large corporation. MS doesn't have to drastically change your life, but I will say I have made a few adjustments. Overall, most days I feel better now than before I was diagnosed because I'm taking better care of myself. I also don't freak out when my legs go a little numb and tingle for hours...

Sorry about your diagnosis, but you will be fine. Take charge of your life and health. It will make you feel better instantly!!!:):)

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