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Re: Ms?
Jun 7, 2016

:wave: Welcome.

MS symptoms do not come and go. The phenomena of twitching before you sleep is "Sleep Start". I have had sleep start most of my life, but others develop it later. As our bodies head into a rest period, our systems go into sleep mode. Unfortunately some body parts do not always "cooperate" and may shut down slower or faster than others. Sleep start is an experience that, for me, has become my "normal" life.

As to the sensations and the sleep start, check with your doctor.

Not being active for sometime and then suddenly to go all out for an activity, such as softball, has been found to bring out symptoms as well as injuries. Hydration, stretching, and a regular routine for some kind of exercise can alleviate these things.

Nervousness and anxiety are no friend to MSers or people without MS. These things can be helped via exercise, but if anxiety is something that persists in you, please speak to your doctor. Oral counseling, medication, or a balanced combination can benefit you. Lastly, anxiety, if left untreated, can develop to an extent that it mimics MS and can even debilitate like MS.

Thank you for sharing. For that which you have shared, MS seems improbable, BUT, for those things which you shared, your doctor should be consulted. Enjoy your summer and softball. :angel:

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