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So I fit the demographic for an MS candidate (white, 26 year old female) but can't figure out if my symptoms align with MS. I've currently put testing on hold since I won't have insurance until August but I'm curious to see what those of you who have MS think about my symptoms and/or testing (or those of you who are going through similar experiences without a diagnosis. Here is a list of symptoms I've experienced over the last 3 months (some are transient, others not so much). Also, not sure if this is of any significance but the majority of these symptoms occurred after a horrible sore throat/chills. The strange thing is that the sore throat, though awful, only lasted less than two days:

Lower back pain (lasted a few weeks)
Slight numbness in both arms (worse in left)
Cramping in wrists
Heat sensations in right leg
Sciatic sensitivity behind both legs
Tingling/itching feeling in left shoulder blade area
Random cramps/shooting pain in both feet
A twitch/tremor in both pinky toes (worse in left foot...has lasted 1.5 months. Have had twitching all over body as well)
Increase in floaters in eyes. Grey line goes across left eye when looking left to right. No eye pain though)
Tight left ankle. Seems to get worse in a hot shower. Same with the toe twitching)

My testing/doctor's visits so far:

Chiropractor for back and arm numbness. I don't know whether the chiropractor helped or if the symptoms went away on their own but I am not having issues with either symptom at this point.

Bloodwork: came back normal

Orthopaedic specialist: Did not do any official nerve testing but said that all of my reflexes appeared very normal to him.

Full Spinal X-ray: Mild scoliosis

Brain MRI: Came back completely "normal", and I had it done while I was still experiencing symptoms.

Any thoughts on where to go from here? I know that I should probably get a cervical spine MRI but can't afford that until August/September. Honestly, I'm not freaking out about the possibility of MS, I just know that the earlier you address it, the better the outcome typically is. Thank you for any input!!!

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