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Lesions in the brain do not always mean MS. Lesions can come from migrane headaches, prior head trauma and even infections. The size, shape and placement of the lesions is what tells the neurologist if MS should be considered. Your doctor is probably not educated enough to want to hazard a guess and he did you a favor by telling you to talk to the neuro. This being said, not all Neuros are schooled enough to read an MRI. MS Specialists ALWAYS read the films and rarely look at the radiologists report. I wouldnt say that a radiologist would make a bigger deal out of anything, they are paid to report what they see- but many radiologists miss things and if it isnt on the report, a regular Neuro who is depending on that report, might also miss things. Hence, MS specialists learn how to read MRI films- and I would say that an MS Specialist is right 99% of the time.

Your report is not specific. Your age, 37, is in the age bracket where normal demylination CAN be seen- it starts in your 30s and gets worse as you get older; however, not everyone who is in their 30s has any damage....Your radiologist covered all his bases when he said "In patient of this age these are Atypical, and could be inflammatory- infections, demyelinating, chronic migraines, vascular and not completely excluding vasculitis." Thats a big "something is there, but I dont know what" type of answer. The one thing he did point out is that you did not have contrast with this MRI, which is usually ordered for a MS Panel. He wants to see it done with contrast and also suggested that a Cspine MRi be done. These are the two places where MOST lesions appear. They can appear lower in the spine, but the C spine is a usual place which is ordered when MS is suspected. Using contrast is also recommended because under contrast, any lesions which are active (meaning they are causing you symptoms at the time) will glow on the films. You really want to have contrast as it tells the doctor whether what you are complaining of symptom-wise, is being caused by a lesion.

I hope this is making some sense to you. Unfortunately the bottom line is you are still very much in limbo land. You could have MS, it hasnt been ruled out, but you could also have something else going on....a brain infection, vasculitis, or even some type of migrane. YOu are going to need to talk to your doctor to see what is next.

If you are not seeing an MS Specialist, think about getting to see one. YOu would want a second opinion in the near future...whether it is ruled out or diagnosed, I wouldnt believe anything without having a MS specialist weigh in on their thoughts. You also want to collect the films from the MS center and start keeping them because if you do go for another opinion, they are going to need to see those films or CD of the films. You can request them where you had them done. In the future, request them before you even go back for the test and they will burn a copy on CD for you to take with when you leave.

I am sorry that I cant be more definitive for you...but hopefully I have shed some light on what the MRI is saying.

Thanks for replaying.
I did not know anything about MS specialist. I don't know why my dr didn't refer me to one. He saw my concerns and heard my questions but he referred me to nerologyst instead. I should say that I am afraied of the MRI contrast I never had one. What if I develop allergic reaction to it.
Could it be that there is not be anything that serious. Could it be normal to to have some lesions in the brain that they are just there?
Does all kinds of the lesions in the brain dangerousness?
About brain damage I don't remember any.
About headache I never had a migraine headach but once in while i used to have minor headach.
About Infections I catch cold like others but other than that i really don't know about.
I never did drugs or drank alcohol. I've always tried to eat healthy and do exersices. This why I'm puzzeled.
Just about mounth ago there was an incident that happened to me.
I've explained it to two doctores and many nurses but none took it siriously since all the physical and nerological signs were normal.
Mounth ago one moring I woke up feeling normal. I was on my left side I checked on my phone messages and put aside my phone turn to my back to get up that I felt something burst in my face. I even blinked in a shock but I tried to sat up in my bed. The moment that i got up and tried to be in siting position I felt a slow motion and heaviness in my head. For a second I saw everything in slow motion exactly like some of the action movies. I thought that I was dying and leaving my body. I could still hear, see and move but I was slow. I cried out to my sister the moment she came to the room I felt OK. But my heart was racing out of panick. I was shaking and scared that what was it that I've experienced. After that Tnx God I didn't have the same episode but I can not sleep well at night beacuse I am afraied to turn right, left or on my back. I sit up slowly and then do my turns.
My sister told me that my pillow was not in a good position and my meck was bend little bit. So I don't know if this was the cause. But I keep changing pillows until I find a good one. I kept searching google to find a reason for my episode and I came up with many things like TIA, seizures and vein blockages. I explained all my findings and concerns to the both doctors in the same day of the incident but none took it siriously. Beacuse I was ok and moving. So I pushed them to order brain MRI.
There was another incident that happened around year ago.
I was playing with my hair that accidentally I pulled off few hair from the back of my neck close to my right ear. I swear the moment that pulled those hair off I felt I was passing out I began having thingeling and burning sensation going down from my head to my body I freaked out and tried to gain my conscious back so the thingelings stop at my knees and again I was fine.
None of the doctors could come with any sultions again.
So I still don't know what was the incidents that happened to me.
And if thoes are causes of the lesions or the lesions were causing them. 😔
Dear Pida,

I am no MS expert, but my MRI showed several lesions. I agree that there is no reason to assume lesions mean MS or anything serious or even controllable.

I did fall and hit my head at various times in my life and have a history of migraine headaches. I still have migraines but they are 'silent', meaning not excruciatingly painful. They make me feel temporarily a little dizzy or like I am in slow motion, etc. In my case that passes almost instantly it is over with.

I know from experience, and from my son's anxiety that anxiety and fear can cause the symptoms you have. Really, even if you did have MS you need to get that anxiety under control. Anxiety can cause all or much of what you are experiencing. I know what that kind of fear can do. Fear & anxiety does not cause MS. But fear & anxiety can wreck your life.

Try taking "B 100 complex" vitamins daily for a couple of months to feed your nerves (not "B complex", that is NOT the same thing). It is harmless, but as mentioned it feeds the nerves so they can settle down. I take it myself and t even helps my digestive system settle down. The "nerves" affect everything.

If you control what you allow yourself to dwell on and feed the nerves, that way if you do have symptoms the symptoms will clearly not be because you are strung out from fear & anxiety. You need to relax, as many have and learn to live with MS, and most of us do have to live with imperfect bodies. I am sure you will be OK.

Please deal with the fears and anxiety so that won't eat you up, sweetie.

Thanks again for your fast reply.
You got me thinking. So lesions means MS. What were your symptoms. Or if you had any symptomps. Or just MRI reveled MS. Where were the lesions located at in your brain. Mine are in front. Is it possible to have lesions but not have MS. I am in shock or may be in denial. The dr didn't say exactly what it is but he told me he thinks that teduologyst makes a big deal.
Pida. Try to breathe through all this. You are very anxious which is understandable, but there is no need to make things worse or make yourself sick over it.

MS, even if you have it, is a chronic condition, not a life sentence! Most of us live perfectly normal lives with only small blips on the radar with MS.

The incident you explained which happened to you in the morning sounds like a pinched nerve, and it could have been caused by the way you slept. I wouldnt worry about it unless it happens again....

The questions you asked about dangerous lesions- there is no "right" answer to that. Lesions, if that is all they are, point towards something being wrong. Until you know what it is, you cant say it is just nothing; MS lesions are scars from where the body has attacked itself. More specifically, MS is a disease of the central nervous system. If you picture all the nerves in your body being covered in a protective sheath (think of an electrical wire, with the rubber coating covering it), when the body attacks that nerve, the sheath which is called Myelin, gets zapped. This is why it is called a demylinating disease. The zap can cause lesions and symptoms..matching those symptoms up to the zapped areas can only be seen by an MRI. If you use contrast, it shows the zapped areas (the scars) better on an MRI.

Contrast is not dangerous. If you were going to have a reaction to it, you would want to have it in the MRI center! The reaction most people have is simply feeling nauseaus; and it passes very quickly. Contrast when given over and over and over can cause kidney function deficits; however, it is out of your system in about 8 hours if you drink water afterwards and there is no lasting damage from only having a few MRIs a year.

MS doesnt care if you drank, or if you are overweight or if you exercise or if you are a vegan or if you are male or female or even if no one else in your family has had it....MS can happen to anyone. There are about 500,000 people living with it in the United States alone, and that number is growing. None of us know "how" we got it; we only know what we have to do to live with it.

Dont jump to any conclusions- see your Neuro and request that he/ she send you to a MS specialist. MS specialists are the most appropriate doctor to both diagnose and rule out MS.

Let us know how your appt goes.

Your Neurologist has a different way of phrasing than I am used to but what took place and What he said sounds pretty normal at this stage of your diagnostic process.

[QUOTE]Beacuse he will not diagnose anyone only by the MRI it has to be body and the images coloration.

Yes, that is correct. He needs to correlate symptoms, test result and exam/evaluation to determine if there is something Neurological going on.

There is no single test, by it's self, that can determine is someone has MS. There is also no symptom or symptoms that are unique or exclusive to MS. All other possible causes for the persons symptoms must be ruled out.

There are numerous other conditions, medication side effects, vitamin/mineral deficiencies and mental health issues that can cause the same type of symptoms as MS.

[QUOTE]After all that he told me that he doesn't see any neurological problem with me.

The Neurological exam/evaluation is used to detect anything abnormal (deficits) Neurologically. Your exam/evaluation was apparently normal.

Those with MS will not have a completely normal Neurological exam/evaluation. There will always be some deficits --- that's just what this disease does.

Even if the MRI shows something that doesn't automatically mean it's MS. There are many different reasons for findings on MRI.
Pida, your exam was pretty standard and I doubt you would have much different of an experience with another neuro; however, a second opinion is always a good thing. You should always take your films (or CDs) with you to a neurologist appointment. One of the key things you want to look for is whether or not the doctor will put them up on the screen and go over them with you. IF he wont, (or cant) you are not in the right place. A good MS doctor will be able to look at the films himself and never rely on a radiologist to interpret them for him. All MS specialist read their own films.

I would look for a MS specialist and go from there. In the meantime, contact the place where you had your MRI and ask how you can get a copy of the images. IF they will burn them on CD that is fine; otherwise youll get a package of films...either is fine if the doctor is willing to take the time to go over them with you and show you what he sees.


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