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Could this be MS?
Jul 17, 2016
Hi everyone, I'm a 40 year old mom of three young children and have been through a lot of anxiety this year about my health, worrying that I might not be able to take care of them well; I never really had such anxiety until this year. Starting around January, something felt off and I started waking up with numbness in my head on the right side. I also had some tingling/numb fingers and arm on my right side upon waking up but that went away after I got up for the day. I'd also feel very nauseous and weak in the morning but never threw up. I never thought much of it though, being busy with a one year old and her two older brothers. I also had a yearly check up and everything was "fine" diabetes or any other major issues at all, but fast forward to now, I still have not found any real answers yet from my GP regarding the numbness and tingling, and I'm having a myriad of eye issues (numerous floaters, severe dry and inflamed eyes, migraine aura - bead of light rolling on the peripheral vision mostly when I close my eyes, and now, mild ghosting/double vision, and general blurriness that comes and goes) in addition to unresolved numbness and tingling of my WHOLE body after waking up now. In addition, I also have a constant sore neck ache mostly on my right side as well. I am also experiencing pins and needles in my face and body from time to time now. I told my GP about this and she thinks it's how I sleep...but it's been 6 months and no resolution. She also had a CT scan ordered for me and it revealed that I had a sinus infection of my ethmoid cells but brain looks fine. So I'm thankful that I don't have a tumor or anything that may be terminal. I'm now still on antibiotics for a second round as it did not clear after the first round. My head and ears feel full but not as bad as before the antibiotics.

I've also been to my optometrist several times and an ophthalmologist once and they both say the health of my eyes seem fine with the exception of the dry eyes. I saw my optometrist recently regarding the double vision and she said dry eyes can cause double vision, but it is still freaking me out as one of my biggest fear about health (besides something terminal) is going blind because I'm already extremely nearsighted (-10 lens). My vision lately just seems off (unfocused) and fluctuating, not as clear and horrible at night with a lot of "static" . I don't know if it is dry eyes or something more sinister like optic neuritis (or cataracts, glaucoma, or uveitis). Of course, when I look up eye problems related to double vision, optic neuritis came up, and it is often connected with MS. I still have slight pain behind my right eye and now I am beginning to feel it behind my left eye (but this also happened the same time that my ENT told me that my sinus infection probably has spread to my left side as well.)

So, I'm wondering if anyone presented similar to this, with numbness on one side of the body and vision problems? I thought that my sinus infection was causing all this at first but my eye problems are just really driving my anxiety up the wall sometimes. My ENT said sinus problems can cause pressure behind the eyes but shouldn't really cause double vision (thought I read that in serious cases, most would involve the sphenoid sinus) I may post this in other boards as well as I am wondering if I have a "pinched nerve" or other condition.

Thank you so much for reading this far and any insights or helpful comments. I really want to live more fully but have been very distracted with worries and this is somewhat affecting my time with my kids and family as my eye health just seems to be gradually deteriorating.

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