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This is a catch could go see a MS Specialist and have further follow up; more tests are needed to rule out MS. It sounds like you only had a brain MRI? You should also be having a Cspine...

The lesions you describe are probably not MS related; placement, size and shape are what indicate MS; however, without contrast, there could be more lesions hiding which did not show up.

Your vitamin D is at the very low end of normal. Low Vitamin D can also give you all the symptoms you described, this could be the culprit. D levels take allot of time to come up and should be done under doctor supervision. Dont try to supplment on your own.

Its really your call. Is this doctor a regular Neuro? If so, I would suggest seeing a MS specialist. However, I wouldnt worry if you dont get in to see one immediately. I would talk to your general doctor about the D levels.

Good luck!
Omg! Your story was exactly like my story just plus my general practitioner I saw two diffrent nerologystes that didn't help me and I got no answers from them. I am at the same age like you and I finally convince my dr to get Brain MRI beacuse as you said they are expensive and doctors don't want to order them. On March 21 I had near syncope episode while I was driving. So I was sent to be seen by cardiologist. They did many blood tests, monitor test and ulthrosound test. They were all normal then trey told me either I ca dismis the case or follow up with my dr for referral to nerologyst to check on my brain.
So I pushed my dr for MRI before the referral to the nerologyst.
Here was my result
Two mounths ago I got the 1.5T open brain MRI result saying that I have several nonspesific punctuate flair within both frontoperital lobs primerly peripheral in distribution.
My age is 37 and the radiologist stated that in my age this findings are atypical.
In the impression he added this
Tiny scattered frontoperital flair hyperintensities are distributed largely peripheral. In this pationet with this age with this MRI it could be due to variety of etiologies. Such as inflammation, vascular, demyelinating and not completely excluding Vasculitis

I was shocked by the result but my GP was like no it's fine the radiologist made a big deal out of it. I told him no just look what he says and my dr was like you worry to much you need to have your anxiety under control other than that you are healthy.
But u began asking him what if he is right and I have or at risk to have all or one of those conditions. So I asked for blood test to check in inflammation to see if I have vascular problem like you did. Thanks god all the blood tests came back normal no indication of inflammation. He told me that I am simply wasting money.
But like you my mind was not at ease I kept asking do furthure check ups. So he sent me to the nerologyst that I got the same result like you. He kept telling me that I'm ok and its normal. I told him that dr don't you see that it says for my age is "atypical" but he was like you are not in your 20's anymore. Then he checked in my nerokogycal reflexes and told me it's not MS ethir. But why do have the lesions, where did they come from and what will be the out come he did bot know. 😳
So I pushed my dr for the second option. Last week I saw another nerologyst that was very rude as well.
She came in checked in my nerologycal reflexes and told me no MS. Then I asked her what about the lesions that ice got did you see my MRI CD she said yes. But I don't know what are they. They are nonspesific so I don't know. I kept asking her all of my what ifs questions and she was only responding by " I don't know'. I've asked her for more investigations and she said you can have another MRI next year to check for thier stability. And left the room.
Can you belive it. So i came our of both nerologystes offices in tears not knowing what to do.
I've tried to eat and live healthy. I didn't suffer from migraine but I've had tension headaches, I did not have head truma, I don't have high blood pressure and I did not had sever infections so why did I have this MRI still is unknown. 16 years ago I had plastic surgery on my nose and five years ago I had galblader removal surgery so I don't know if they can be the cause.
You see like you I kept reaserching to see if I can come up with something. But that even scared me more. Beacuse of many diffrent conditions such as stroke, alizhimer, behavioral changes and body movment since its lessions and frontol lobs involvements.
But I wonder why those doctors that I went to didn't consider these at all.

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