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Hello all. I'm new here.
I am left with some confusion after many months of seeing a neurologist to try to find the cause of my symptoms. Prior to the lumbar puncture, he had stated probable MS. Lumbar puncture was clear, no o-bands. So he became dismissive and said that it was likely hemiplegic migraine aura sensory symptoms. His advice was eat healthy and get more exercise and take an aspirin.
I was honest and told him that didn't ring true to me. I haven't had a headache. After the appointment, I did some research and found that his pet specialty is migraines and treating with botox.
Here are my symptoms:
Right arm numbness/ tingling
Right foot drop and numbness
Nerve pain right arm and lower leg
Cramps and spasms in right arm and leg
Weakness in right arm and leg
Positive babinski reflex
Heat intolerance
Tremors internally
Balance issues
Decreased reflexes in right arm and leg
Double vision and rapidly moving eyes when I am trying to look straight ahead
Urge incontinence

Symptoms began February 2016 in just my right arm. Given prednisone for possible pinched nerve by ER. Symptoms let up for about 3 weeks but returned. When they returned, more symptoms piled on. By June,I began dragging my right foot. I've fallen several times because of this.

My test results
Negative Lyme titers
Vitamin levels normal
C-spine showed 3 hyperintensities on MRI
Brain MRI multiple punctuate. hyperintensities
Thyroid levels normal
Glucose levels normal
No antibodies for RA
No evidence of ALS
Normal liver function
Normal kidney function
Elevated CRP 19
Elevated ESR 24
EMG normal
Blatantly failed neuro exam (his exact words)
My questions are,should I seek a second opinion? Should I continue to follow up with him? Should I just live with this and seek a doctor if I become totally incapacitated?
I am exhausted and frustrated. I have meds for symptoms but no course of action to prevent it from getting worse,which it has over the last 2 months especially.

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