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Still no answers
Sep 21, 2016
This is my first blog, so i apologize in advance.

I'm 39 years old and been very healthy my whole life. For the last almost 2 years i feel like im going crazy. I avoided going to the Dr at first because i felt like my first symptoms were explainable. After going for my womans check up, i brought up some on the symptoms. My Dr is a full womans health Dr. (pap, cold, even botox). She told me that i was depressed wanted to put me on med. I declined. About 3 months later my sister passed away unexpectedly and Dr. again wanted to put me on depression med.(which i needed) i started Prozac. Dr. asked me to try in for at least 6 weeks. I didn't like the way it made me feel and my original symptoms were still there. She switched me to Zoloft and finally took blood work. At follow up she said she thought it was my thyroid and hormone imbalance. started more meds. well after taking awhile no change, and other symptoms started.After already being very dizzy, on Saturday my lips started tingling kind of like needles. Stayed in bed most of Sunday. Monday went to ER. They took blood, gave me IV and did a MRI w/o Contrast. Dr told me he ruled out tumor, mini stroke and stroke. But that he did see a few abnormalities that could be Migraines or MS. He gave me a referral to Nero Dr. Well I went today 9/21/16 and Nero Dr said no MS and he saw two slight spots but that they definitely weren't MS. To be honest, I started to cry. Which the Dr didn't seem to understand. I explained that it's not that i want MS. But i felt like maybe i finally knew what was wrong. I asked about doing full MRI and spinal tap, Dr said that he wouldn't recommend it. that it would be unneeded risk to myself. He said he believes it is depression and/or imbalance. I told him I've never heard these symptoms with depression or imbalance. He said both can cause many things gave me lots of RX and said come back in a month.

i'm very confused! i truly felt that its MS. I read up on it and it seems to fit. even stuff i hadn't shared w people. Should i get another opinion? Can you have MS without have lesions on your brain? should I request a full MRI and spinal Tap?

Dr gave me.....
and something for dizziness

Here is a list of my symptoms

tingling in lips
cant find my words
numbness in hands and feet
tired all the time no matter if i slept
pain in neck, shoulders, back
blurred vision
hands getting red, and hot
easy annoyed
leaking pee
diarrhea or constipation..... no in between
itching all over body
easily bruised
loss of balance
trouble sleeping even though im tired

* I know its long.... Please Please any suggestions would be helpful*

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