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Hi solezinha,

[QUOTE] I am now feeling a pressure in my chest that I am thinking it could be an MS hug [/QUOTE]

What you are experiencing could be due to anxiety about your symptoms and the thought of MS. The biggest fear many with anxiety have is Multiple Sclerosis.

The "MS Hug" isn't exclusive to MS. What is referred to as the "MS Hug" is actually muscle spasms of the intercostal muscles and many things can cause it. Anxiety can cause chest pressure and pain. The MS hug causes a feeling of an overly tight rubber band wrapped around.

As I explained in my first post to you, other things can cause a person's symptoms. Metal Health problems is one of those things. Mental Health problems can cause body wide physical symptoms.

The fact you are experiencing physical symptoms doesn't rule out mental health problems.

Having lesions doesn't mean it's MS. Your MRI is listing your lesions as non-specific. This means those lesions could be caused by just about anything and the reason many different possibilities are listed on the "impression" section of the MRI report.

You're Neurologist said they were age related or due to migraines/headaches which is very reasonable.

If you doubt what you are being told then you can seek a second opinion.

Your Neurologist didn't diagnose because your testing didn't indicate MS. Your Neurological exam/evaluation was normal except for a knee. If it was MS there would have been a lot more found within the Neurological exam/evaluation.

solezinha what you have written doesn't sound like MS but it does sound like physical symptoms caused by anxiety.

It might be helpful for you to see a Mental Health Professional who can prescribe medications. Many times treatment can reduce and even resolve a persons symptoms.

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