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Re: MRI Question
Mar 18, 2017
Hi Nera,

It is probably a good idea you will be seeing a new Neurologist, maybe the new one will have more answers for you.

When you have a MRI it is a Technician who is in the room doing the MRI. After the MRIs are done they are sent to a Radiologist who is a specialist in reading MRIs.

The Radiologist (a Dr. of Radiology) writes up a report of what was found, if anything, on the MRI. The "impression' section of the report will list possibilities for findings. It is important to know the MRI report is not a diagnosis. Many things can be listed within the impression section as well as non-specific. The MRIs plus report are sent to your Dr.

[QUOTE]Because of the patient's age and pattern, demyelinating lesions from multiple sclerosis should be considered[/QUOTE]

MS is usually always considered, but if there is not any clinical evidence (other testing, Neurological exam/evaluation) then MS is discounted or if the Neurologist still suspects MS he will continue to follow the patient with MRIs every 6 months to a year to look for any changes that might indicate MS.

Some of your symptoms would indicate, in MS, spinal cord involvement but the MRI for your c-spine was clear. Other symptoms could be due to anything. I do hope you like the new Neurologist and answers are forth coming.

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