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There is no set symptom exclusive to one MS type. What you might be experiencing is the scar tissue interrupting the nerves. As a lesion develops and then heals, it can leave a lingering symptom. Sometimes the body will rewire the damaged area. My MS Specialist told me she usually waits for 3 years to know if her patient's symptoms will last.

I went through about 5 years of pain in my thigh and up through my shoulder. This was linked to thoracic spine lesions for me. I still have lingering left leg problems, but the pain is gone. When I was attacking my pain, I used a heating pad. When the core temperature is raised, the nerve messages are interrupted. The down side was that my legs were left wonky. However, the pain melted away and I could feel "normal".

I would encourage you to touch base with your neurologist.

My arms cycle through different sensitivities from burning to sharp pain to irritating. Some of these cycles are touched off by certain fabrics, metals, or plastics. When these cycles strike, I just avoid the triggers. :angel:

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