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[QUOTE=sarahmk]I had numbness and tingling in my left hand, which didnt go away after a while, so I went to the doctors, and she put a needle in my finger to see if I could feel it, I didnt jump and said no I cannot feel it, she did the same to the other hand and I jumped a mile. She told me to rest it and gave me a splint to wear, following day the feeling in my hand came back and never had numbness again like that, but I do feel like I cannot use my hand sometimes, it sometimes feels weak, and I cannot open bottles etc. If I lift something heavy I end up with a shaking hand all day. Is this a sign?[/QUOTE]
I agree with Jewel! Especially if you have had other strange symtoms come and go over a period of time. Did the DR who gave you the splint tell you What caused this? Have you had trouble with your eyes or other weakness , etc before?? I have MS and that is the feeling I have in my left arm and thumb and pointer finger. That's why I came on here. I'm going back to the dr to see if this too is part of the MS I was DX with in 2001. Then it was numbness from the center of my back to my toes just on the right side . (Laughingly the same side that refused to numb for 3 epidurals when I had 36 hours of labor with my last child!!!! Go figure!!!) Angarugh

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