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Re: Symptoms
Jan 6, 2004
Hi All,
My name is Stephanie, i have been writting my symptoms down as I go, here is a brief description of what has happened to me in the past couple of years, I have not been diagnosed yet.


Numbness, hot/cold feelings, feeling of having water on me and I am not wet.
weakness in left arm with numbness patch on arm
spasms in legs and arms
bad grip in left hand, right arm and hand are not as weak
Blurred vision, double vision, eyes don't focus that well together, floaters and halos,
headaches all around head, and eye aches around and behind eyes.
Light sensetivity, fatigue, I get tired easily doing arons and housework.
neck stiffness with lump on back of neck, upper lip goes numb all the time.
chest pains not often, feet hurt all the time and are red all the time.
loose my balance alot. Sciatic nerve pain and back pain. Shooting pains in the head.

September 2002, whole left side went numb and weak.
CT scan in september 2002 was negative for stroke
MRI scan of brain in october 2002 was negative for MS
Diabetes screening was done in Febuary 2002 also negative
Ophmologist did field screening and eye pressure and no signs of
any dammage in April 2002
Reaccuring ear infection in febuary 2003
vision problems are still ongoing as of 1998 some may be do
to congenital cataracts but omphmologist said they should not be
causing any problems because they are thin.
July 2003 neck pain and head pain in back of head for 1 month also
noticed lump on neck the ER doctor said tension headache and my gp doctor
said the lump looked like some imflamation.
July 2003 symptoms of numbness, weakness started also
during this time I would wake up with my arm feeling as if it was dead I coulden't move it,
and that was the bad arm.
August 2003 went to get full eye exam with dilation and for 2 weeks after exam I had
severe migraine headache in eyes and pain and imflamation in eyes.
Setember 2003 went to omphmologist and said to take motrin for the imflamation,
all test were negative for optic neuritis and iritis unexplained imflamation.
october 2003 went neurologist ordered bloodwork, Mri of brain and neck sonogram
I go back November 2003. November 2003 brain mri some white spots but nothing
that shows ms , another brain mri came back normal, Cardiac Echo is normal, Caradid duplex normal,
bloodwork showed positive for lyme disease, high cholesterol,my doctor put me on cholesterol pill.
December went to obgyn pelvic exam shows prolapsed uterus and a slightly fallen bladder.
next test from neurologist is a lumbar puncture. waiting for referal, I am now on a low cholesteral, low fat diet.
I take multi- vitamin, niacin, fish oil, and cholesteral pill, and I ride excersise bike.
They did the lumbar puncture December 8th, I got the spinal headache and got the bloodpatch on the 11th, my next neuro appointment is jan 28, 2004 for follow up and results of lumbar puncture.

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