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Hi Rachel ---

Not a MS carepartner here (although I have been one with a cancer patient), but I do have MS. I know it's a very scary time for you. The unknown always is. There may be some here who post who are MS care partners and can post their own thoughts. If not, there are specific MS care partner forums on other MS related sites you can visit, too.

I do want to give you some words of encouragment. Even if the final diagnosis is's not the end all of everything. MS is a disease that the public is ill educated about, myself included until I got my own diagnosis last year (although I've had symptoms for 20 plus years)....and centered myself on doing a lot of research. Many, many people with MS lead very full and functional LONG lives.... with maybe some bumps along the road. Certainly there are those who become very debilitated, but it's not the majority. Keep that in mind. :-) The good thing about today is that there are treatments available to those with MS who would not have had many options 10 years ago.

My advice is to get a diagnosis first off, cause other illnesses can mimic MS symptoms, too. Then take a breath, focus on what needs to be done with research and gaining info on what you and your hubby need as to treatment and family health.

Good luck and best wishes. God Bless. Sherry :-)

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