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:confused: Hi, I have already posted on the Lupus board, but as some of the symptoms seem to be similar, I am going to post here too. I guess my symptoms started about 2 years ago, but I never really took much notice, it was pins & needles in my feet & legs. I have a bad habit of sitting on my feet at work like a big kid, or when I am trying to act like an adult I cross my legs... Well my feet always fall asleep, my co workers would see me get up and say "feet asleep again?" thats how obvious it was, but anyway, I shluffed it off to the way I sit, or the fashionably uncomfortable shoes I wear! This past summer, my feet really bothered me for a while, they would get really numb at times, but again I blamed my shoes! Now to the present.. For the past 2 1/2 months I have been feeling just not well, I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck & behind my ear, I went to my GP who gae me antibiotics, didn't work, went to an ENT and he told me to come back in 2 weeks if they were still there, went back 2 weeks later and they were still there, he was not very concerned, but he knew I was, so he sent me for a CT scan which came back normal. Now in past couple of months I have notice tingles in my arms too, I wake up and my arms would be asleep! but I have a habit of sleeping with my hands over my head sometimes (don't know why, I don't fall asleep that way) so I figured it was how I slept that caused it. But now i wake up with a foot or arm asleep, I will be sitting normally & they fall asleep, it is constant now, but now i am getting tingles in my face, around my mouth even my lips! I also had a muscle spasm in my lip this week which lasted half the day. Right now as I type this I am having the tingles in my right foot and my mouth, I have been very foggy headed, and dizzy, I bump into everything, and it is hard to focus sometimes when I am looking at my computer, I have to rub my eyes. The tingles are worse now, they feel like real needles now, like they are breaking the skin, they hurt, and I get the feeling like I can't grip, no strength in my left hand, I can't even use a fork properly. This has come on so bad so quick & I am so so scared. I was so sure it was Lupus, that I went to my GP and told him my thoughts, and asked for all the blood work for Lupus, so even though he thinks I am a bit of a nut, he took it, I never had told him about the tingles & numbness before this visit because I never thought of a connection, he had just done a CBC on me 2 weeks before & all was normal, so when I explained that I now have this tingling in my fingers, hands, arms from the shoulder down, both legs & feet, and my face, he does not know what to make of me, but it has really been happening so fast! Anyway, I get my results back on Monday, would an ANA come out positive for MS as well?
I am sorry this is so long, thanks for being patient, it anyone could please tell me if this sounds like MS I would appreciate it, Does anyone else have the tingling & numbness constantly? I am scared this is permanent~! :rolleyes:

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