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Strange Symptoms
Feb 17, 2004
Hi Everybody,

I would like to share my symptoms with everybody to see if I'm on the road to a MS diagnosis. I'm sorry this is so long.
It all started in September of 2003. It started with a very bad headache and weakness to my left arm and left leg as well as tingling of my left hand/arm and numbness to the fingers of my left hand. It was initially thought I had a stroke. However, neither the CT Scans, MRIs, or other tests confirmed a stroke. In October of 2003, I had chest pain and dizziness. An angiogram was performed. Again it was negative. In November of 2003 I had another bad headache. However, along with the remaining weakness of my left arm and left leg as well as the tingling and numbness of my left arm/hand/fingers and fatigue I got tremor of my left hand and blurry vision. A VER was performed which was negative. The blurry vision corrected it self about 3 weeks ago. Also subsequent MRIs noted no signs of plaque. The tremors happens at any time but especially after activity and when I take a shower. Finally recently, while taking a shower I've experienced spasms to my left leg. My doctor has noticed that I seem to have a visual field problem since I'm unable to see his fingers on the sides. Also he noticed that I have a problem with color. My Optometrist noticed that during her color chart test. I'm scheduled for a Visual Field Evaluation this Friday. Everything is coming up negative but I still have all these neurological symptoms. What does anyone think. Thank you for any response.

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