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Iwantacure--I don't know that MS can cause cancer. I think the link may be that MS is considered autoimmune. Once your immune system is down your likely to be more susceptible to others, even cancer. Read book Blindsided by Richard Cohen. He has MS and cancer.

Hey SandyGirl! I can relate to you. I've been through the same as you. Door #1, Door#2, Door #3 and so on. With #1 being MS, #2 being Lupus, and #3 being APS and more.

Hang in there. I've been enduring this for sometime now and no dx yet but committed doc to find it. I understand that you don't want MS. My fingers are crossed for you. Keep us posted.

Hi Julie (Jewel)--hope all is well and miss our friends Heather and Kim! Doing okay. :)

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