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I have visited this board before, but at the time I was thinking my symptoms were more Lupus related. I have had all the Lupus blood work done and the only thing that came up positive was my Rheumatoid factor. My symptoms have been non-stop & getting worse for over a month now. I have had tingling & numbness in my legs & feet for a couple of years that I blamed on the way I sit. But starting in November the "not feeling good" began. It started with swollen lymph nodes in my neck & behind ears also in groin. Then I would wake up with my hands arms legs & feet tingling/numb (hands are swollen in the morning, can get rings off!) Little muscle spams (not painful) ALL OVER. Weakness started in left arm like "dead arm" buttoning a shirt takes extra effort. Numbness in right thumb, now feeling of weakness in both arms, with a cold feeling running through. Arm is fatigued just holding it on my desk to type, I want to keep it at my side, facial numbness on right side from ear to under jaw, its not obvious when I smile though. I get SEVERE nausea which I don't see people complaining of this symptom with MS, but I don't throw up, just feel very nauses. I have lost 10 pounds, and have an average body temp of 96.8. I have muscle pain in various places, but most recent was in left arm, so bad from under arm pit going down that I took myself to the ER, and they said that there was nothing they could do but give me pain meds. I went for an MRI of the brain today (with & w/out contrast) and I am terrified of what they are going to find. I am also going for an MRI of the spine tomorrow. I went to an eye doctor because of the constant dizzy feeling & bumping into things, thinking maybe I need glasses, but no. And I do not have optic nueritis, but I have had blurry/focus problems reguardless. I have been having back pain, neck pain and various joint pains (in fingers too), bad headaches, and brain fog. I am not functioning at work because I just can't when my face or arm goes numb! The facial numbness is not complete, I can feel my face if I put my finger on it or scratch it, it just feels "different". Oh also, CONSTANT RINGING IN MY EARS.
I know this post is "all over the palce with my scattered symptoms, but I am wriing them as I think which is not easy to do these days. Do my symptoms sound characterisitc of MS? Any thoughts would be appreciated as I await my results, Also, would any blood work come back abnormal?

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