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[QUOTE=kyle1]Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody else ever gets an eye lid spasm were your eyelid just spasms out of control. Iíve been going through MS diagnoses for about 6 months now and it seems like everyday it's something different. At my last doctors appointment I asked him about this spasm and he says its been seen in patients with MS they call it blefor spasm I'm not sure on the spelling of blefor.[/QUOTE]

The first time I experienced that, the eye doc called them Blepharospasms in 99. It started in the left upper eyelids but gradually happened also on the other side, then the cheek, lip, it affects different muscle groups at different times and today it happens throughout the body. Some cause spasm and extreme pain and others just "twitch", like nerves misfiring. I had the option of Botox injections to treat it but did not want to paralyze the muscle, unless they caused painful spasm, besides as time passed, it happened in more places and more often. It goes back and forth between episodes. I knew/know eventually I'll need something to treat this systemically. Recently more is happening so hopefully that means a treatment that works.

The repetitive, rapid muscle contractions I get are not painful when they happen until they "turn into" a tight severely painful muscle spasm, it knots up but hurts like nobody's business. It happens in my outer foot and the muscles pull so much it pulls the toes down and I have to manually pull them back up and keep stretching to stop it, and at times I can't walk on it. when the contracting muscle stops rapidly contracting it "turns into" the muscle bunching up and tight and is very painful. It can happen anywhere and tends to nag and pester a specific muscle group. I also had facial weakness. In December my left eye pulled in, the eye doc said that was esotropia. She thought I had optic neuritis (severe eye pain, hurt to move directionally) which was the first time I ever had pain felt about or inside the eye itself. I have been trying different homeopathic remedies, splints, wraps and some medications but they have yet to control the spasms. One medication was okay accept for the side effects (had to stop) but it didnít stop the spasms but did some of the pain. I have another doctors appt. and will see if they think Neurontin might help me or something that will stop it. I have not been diagnosed with ms. Too many doctors too many strange sensations and pains. I hope they find out what's happening with you so they can help you.

With me the episodes can happen suddenly and gradually. When I'm feeling better, it means less pain. It's a cycle. Take Care, Gemi

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