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For months now I have been desperatly browsing the internet hoping to find someone who has similar symptoms and my seach has landed me here. I have been suffering from acute symtpoms since last Oct. I visited my neuro last week and have normal MRI and EMG results. My neuro gave me the dreaded by expected "stress" diagnose and suggessted I do not pursue further testing. ARGH! Last Oct. I had a bout of the stomach flu and 2 days later, my nervous system was under an acute attack. I was experiencing this heatt sensation around my spine, only lasting a day or two. Followed by muscle weakness and shakiness. Also, experiencing an internal trembling sensation inside my chest and lower legs. At night, pins and needles sensation would occur in my calves. Stabbing pains and muscle twitches at random, including my eyes. Eyes sometimes feel like they are vibrating, especially noticable after prolonged reading. This last about 6 weeks and went almost completly away only to return 6 weeks ago with new symptoms present, mainly muscle stiffness in legs, neck and back. Muscle feel weaker, but no noticable loss of strength. Internal trembling sensation now radiates into my upper extremities causing slight hand tremors. Twisting sensation in knees, temples , jaws and hips at times and chronic headaches. Soooooo, does anyone else suffer from similar symptoms? Does this sound like MS, if not, then what? Can someone have MS and have a normal MRI and EMG in the early stage of the disease? My doctors, friends and family are being quite dismissive with me, you know, it's all in my head and I just want to talk to someone who has to "suffer in silence." Thanks.................

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