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Do I bring MS up??
Apr 26, 2004
Hello:) I have an appointment with a neurologist next Monday. I was referred to him for the unexplained loss of use of my right hand (i.e. not being able to write or hold a pencil, although the hand was not numb). This has been happening several times a year for a while now, and only for about an hour at a time. I haven't really thought much about it, I've been waiting for this appointment since February.

Now, I know that there could be many other reasons why I could loose the use of my hand, but on 04/16/04 I started having strange symptoms and they haven't gone away.

Here's my list:
Pain, achiness down to the bone in both of my legs started 04/16 (still hasn't gone away)
Ringing in my ears constantly
Numbness and tingling in my feet and arms, mostly my right arm. This one has become painful enough to keep me from sleeping.
Stiffness in my feet and legs in the morning, usually I wake up refreshed and without pain.
Yesterday the roof of my mouth went numb and hasn't regained feeling, and now I have a metallic taste in my mouth that I can't get rid of.

Those all just started after the 16th.

I have also had extreme fatigue for a long while now, I don't feel refreshed when I wake up and could sleep for the whole day and night. I don't really have the energy to do much of anything, and that's hard since I have a very active 3y/o dd. I also have cognitive dysfunction. I am constantly forgetting entirely what I was talking about. And I have a hard time finding words when I'm talking, which is starting to make conversations with friends and family embarrassing. Looking back I have also had a few other "symptoms" that are questionable. I have twitching in my stomach muscles. It actually feels like it would if I were pregnant and had a baby kicking. The last time I was pregnant I had these electrical shocks down my spine. I thought it was just from carrying twins (I am a surrogate), but the shocks kept happening even after I had delivered. I haven't had one for a while though. And one other thing that I realized the other day is I cannot for the life of me open those cardboard milk or juice cartons. I never thought much about it except "man they sure are making these harder and harder to open". Now I'm starting to think that it's because my hand is weaker and I just really haven't realized it.

Anyway, my question is.....On my appointment next Mon do I bring up the possibility of MS or do I wait to see what the neurologist says first? I've been struggling with this question for a while, and since I've been researching my symptoms and reading a little here, I feel that MS could be a possibility. Yet I don't want to sway my treatment by mentioning it. What do you all suggest?


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