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Just over a year ago I had my first episode with walking problems. I got out of bed to find that my left leg just wouldn't work. It took me falling twice to figure this out. Silly Dana. It took several months and the use of a cane for my leg to finally feel like it had more strength. I have had tremor in both legs--when I push on the clutch while driving or while taking the stairs my left leg wobbles up and down. I have bad stiffness and muscle pain in my legs. I've recently noticed that my left calf is much more defined and muscle toned than my right. I don't get it, because I know the left leg is weaker. Is this a normal finding in MS?

I've also wondered about tongue tremor and it's prevalence in MS. Is it a regular finding? When I stick my tongue out, it twitches and tremors. It is also assymetric-the right side is higher and kind of curled up towards the center. The left side is flat and lower.

I've had one brain MRI and one spinal MRI. The brain MRI was done without any dye injected into me. Is this normal when trying to rule out MS? The brain MRI showed three "spots" in my right hemisphere. I'm not exactly sure where, but I do know the diagnosis from that was inconclusive. My neurologist at the time insisted I needed the help of a psychiatrist not a neurologist. My spinal MRI was normal and this time I was injected with dye. How important are these white spots? The first neuro said that they were small collections of water from when I hit my head as a child. Or, suggested they were normal. The second neurologist wants a follow-up brain MRI to conclusively rule out MS. What's your opinion?

I have a number of other symptoms including electrical shocks (painless), memory loss, eye pain--only with movement, muscle, joint pain and weakness in all of my extremities.

Thanks so much for your time!!!!

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