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Re: Question
Jun 2, 2004
I have been keeping a list since this all started last is growing...
here ya go... thank you for helping
Tingling in fingers, arms, legs and feet
Numbness in hands…sometimes up the arms
Hands shake (vibrating feeling)
Balance problems
Night sweats
Cold/ hot flashes
Lower back pain
Numb spot on my upper back (just below neck)
Big toes numb on outsides of them
Arms ache… feel very weak..muscles burn
Shooting pain in arms
Knees and legs ache…feel weak especially going up stairs(burn)
extreme Fatigue
Poor memory (forget things I have said or done…forget words….names… everything)
Knee pain then my heel on left leg went numb
Left cheek close to my eye and mouth goes numb often
Fingers and hands hurt
Wake up and my hands are clenched in fists
Blurry vision, have a lot of bright white spots and floaters all the time
Trouble sleeping at night (staying asleep)
Stiff Neck (hurts at the back of my head)
Right side of my Tongue numb 3 weeks (sometimes tingly)
Face goes numb…complete left side…and my right arm and hand
Hard time typing…. letters words confused, think one word type a completely different one
Hard time swallowing, feels as though there is a huge lump in the back of my throat…has caused me to choke a couple times…
Very dry sore itchy eyes
Get an odd smell…the same smell quite often

Dizzy and lightheaded feel nauseous
Headaches…seems to be constant…(migraines too)

feel like a big mess!
thank you again...


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