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A little (lot) more detail for your reading pleasure. Perhaps a coincidence...I have all of the symptoms you describe: tingling, buzzing in entire body... Car engine seems like a good description now that I think about it. For me it is more of a purring, which bothers me most when in my head. But I've felt it just about everywhere.

I'm a 33 yr old male, married. Grew up in an area where both Lyme and MS are somewhat elevated in the US. Mother and aunt have autoimmune diseases RA and fibro. It is a little difficult to describe my symptoms because they have changed in character since last October and they are always changing. The biggest change being more muscle fatigue and visible twitching/spasms. I am not on an meds since I have no dx, and am otherwise heathy. At the moment, it seems more important to me to search for explanations than to try to cover up symptoms. Though maybe I'll revise that later.

Initially, I was experiencing mild 'buzzing' in my hips/ while working at the computer...where I spend most of my time. I tried to ignore it. At my first episode I had a very strange and painful headache that 'moved' down my neck and left me with a stiff neck. This led to my first neuro visit and an LP.
Things got better for a few monthes and then again,problems. Example of second episode symptoms follow...

Patches of Numbness on face – bridge of nose. Feeling that head is wobbling side to side. Dizziness and uncoordinated motions. Feeling that brain does know where body is. Cold numb right hand, and not able to write or type. Weakness. 3AM woken by intense audible 'buzzing' Also had back pain, neck pain. Neck feels hot before buzzing intensifies. Morning after, Brain/head a little tingly, Weak all over, RH and arm especially weak, finger tips to shoulder/ stronger tremors, ‘wobble head’ -sensation of swaying from side to side. Nodules on chest/outside of ribs inflamed/painful.

Though my first suspicion was MS, I didn't know much about it. But after several tests and no dx.....I looked elsewhere. After some reading about Lyme, I decided that this was possible. Hence my silly username Lymrick. But, I have had two separate IgG and IgM titers, and both were negative, as well as a neg CSF Lyme titer. So, while formally not ruled out, Lyme is less likely.

I haven't read that muscle problems indicate more serious MS. THough I have read that i) increase frequency of attacks does......well that makes sense. and ii) presence of single CSF restricted IgG band does (which I have). But the later is not well supported.

Let me know if you see any other useful patterns. My neuro agrees there is a problem. He wants to do a THIRD LP, to re-run the MS panel. Apparently, about 40% of people with 1 monoclonal band upon CSF examination go on to develop MS. So it is a coin toss perhaps... But he is confused, and suggests I go some place like Mayo, which I may try to do in a few mo.

Hope you are feeling good soon.

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