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Hello and Welcome to the Healthboards! :wave:

I can surely understand your concern and other feelings that you are experiencing at this time.

With the symptoms that you are experiencing, they can mean a host of conditions. One, with the vasculitis possibility, your MS specialist will be looking at ruling out lupus as the cause. Lupus can affect the brain causing lesions as well. It is also a vasculitis. You may be referred to a rheumatologist based on the lab workup.

There are other conditions that can mimic MS. Autoimmune, as you may learn on this journey to a diagnosis, can affect a person by having more than one with the symptoms of each overlapping. This makes it harder to discern what is causing the symptoms. It is based on the patient's report, clinical findings, lab and imaging & other tests to get the dx and/or cause.

One test is also the lumbar puncture to check your CSF fluid for protein, infections, malignancies, lyme disease, and MS signs. Evoked potentials is another less invasive testing for MS and is reliable along with a positive MRI.

What you can do to help the specialist and make the most of your time with him/her is review your medical history for the past 20 years: All fevers, infections, illnesses, injuries and family history. This is important for ordering tests and figuring out the cause. Also, if you are female--sorry, but based on your username, I am unable to discern your gender---so if female, your history of any miscarriages are very important. See the condition APS (Antiphospholipid Syndrome). Two other conditions that you may look at are Wegener's Granuloma (WG) and Sarcoidosis (Sarcoid, for short). WG is a vasculitis and affects the respiratory. Sarcoid also affects the respiratory.
Also, check out the post on this board titled Susac's Syndrome, another MS mimicker. It is a rare disorder that affects the brain, eyes, hearing, but is a [U]vasculopathy.[/U]

For WG, an ANCA lab test is done. If positive, it is verified with a biopsy. For sarcoid, a chest xray.

The specialist may ask if you've had lost weight, have a persistent cough, any fevers, rashes or hives.

The workup will consist of looking for protein and infections and looking at your Tcells.

The three weeks you have to wait for the appointment will actually give you the time to prepare your questions and your history to present to the specialist.

I hope this has been helpful. More responses will follow, and I hope you continue to use the boards! We all look forward to sharing with you!

Lots of Hugs,

Cal Sun :cool:

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