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Hi! Regret that you are experiencing these symptoms without further investigation because they are not typical. I suggest you call your doc and request a referral to a neurologist, unless she is willing to order an MRI.

Can you get to an Eye doctor for an examination appointment? The reason I suggest this is that if you are experiencing symptoms of MS, it very typically begins in the eye as optic neuritis (ON). ON can cause blurred vision. You may not even be aware if it is both eyes affected or just one. Try to verify which eye or if both are having blurred vision. [B]The Eye MD can diagnose ON or papilledema and refer you to a neurologist (and you can hopefully then bypass the other physician unwilling to go further with your complaints). [/B]

It is important if you have ON to get medical care right away from a neurologist to find the cause. You'll need a dose of IV Solumedrol followed by oral prednisone. A neurologist experienced with MS and ON knows this treatment is essentially important. It can stop the MS for some individuals of having any further symptoms of MS for years! If you need this, usually it takes about 3 days to get the dose from a nurse and the rest of doses can be done at home.

There could be other explanations for your symptoms too and a workup of blood needs to be done. You could have an autoimmune condition from diabetes, lupus, to MS.

So please be your own best advocate and respectfully call your doctor's office or find out if you can bypass her and go straight to an Ophthalmologist for an eye exam. Tell the EYE MD your symptoms. They are trained to be first in line to catch these and make neurologist referrals. So that should be good news.

Also, I understand your feeling in despair but hang in there. [U]You will be okay and you'll get through this.[/U] There is lots of support and care for you. Consider that the doctor had an off day. Don't let her "off day" sum up your worth. She may be completely different the next time. So call her back if that is necessary and in a kind but firm manner, stand up for yourself.

Keep in touch and let us know what happens. We do care a lot!

Lots of hugs to you.

:angel: P.S. If you can, read the book, Blindsided, by Richard Cohen. If you need to borrow it or use a library please do. You'll learn a lot from his experience. Lots of good stuff in there for you to benefit from. :)

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