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Hi! If I had to make this decision to have the spinal tap before or after the wedding, I would reschedule the spinal in order to attend the wedding in the best physical condition I could to enjoy time with friends. For these reasons:

1) You have to be sure you don't twist your body or move it in any way that will disturb the blood patch over where the puncture site where CSF fluid was withdrawn from.

2) The puncture site takes time to heal and close. Being still is the key. If disturbed, you're in for a headache and misery.

3) If I had a wedding to attend where I could visit with friends and dance,
I certainly wouldn't want to be recovering from a spinal tap.

4) The procedure is easy to get through. It is the recovery.
a) You will be sore in your lumbar area
b) if you get the headache, it is a monster.
c) Be sure to remain lying flat for 24 hours to hopefully avoid the

5) Ask yourself: How healthy do I feel to attend? Healthwise, can you prolong the spinal tap until shortly after the wedding? (You aren't having symptoms bad enough that if you do have MS you need the meds now, are you?)

Whatever you decide, I hope you can enjoy your time with friends. Go have fun first as long as you feel healthy enough to do so.

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