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about 6 years ago I started having pain and numbness in my right hand. I was checked for carpal tunnel. Soon afterward, I began to feel fatigued all the time. I was beginning to have trouble walking. I would describe it as walking with lead weights. I would have trouble with short term memory. My thoughts were not coming clearly. The doctor referred me to a nuerologist. Had an MRI, and it showed two small lesions on the front lobals of the brain. I then had an evoked potentials test, a nerve conductive study, a muscle study, nothing came back clear. Was scheduled for a spinal tap. The lab botched the test and so the test was useless. I was in severe pain for two weeks. A second spinal tap was preformed at a later date. I got very sick again with headaches and vomitting to the point of dehydration. The results did come back as negative for ms. In the meantime, I was diagnosised with b12 defieciency and a thyroid problem. Both are being treated. My other symptoms will disappear for a year or so and then come back even stronger. My nuerologist has not completley ruled out ms, though he can't say what is wrong. I do have trouble with depression, but I don't think that is the entire answer. Says I am a mystery. I see him again in 2 weeks. My symptoms have come back stronger this time. My right arm and legs is numb(tingling) most of the time. I feel as if I am going to stumble when I walk. Have begun to have trouble walking up the stairs. Can't really describe the feeling. I am extremely fatigued. My words or thoughts don't come out as quickly as I would like. This episode has gone on for 2 months. I don't want a dx of ms, I just want to know what is going on. I teach and I want to enjoy myself more. :confused:

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