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This past January I had the fist of two seizures in one night. I was told I might have epilepsy. Fine I thought, I can live with that. At that point I started seeing a neurologist regularly and am now on seizure medication. In June I started getting hand tremors and episodes of blurry vision. I also noticed that I would easily loose my balance upon standing or turning. I recently started having the pins and needles sensation in my fingers, toes, and knee. My doctor told me that the pins and needles sensation was something he couldn't explain and that it was common. He also said I was in good health and that there was nothing to worry about. He has also yet to mention anything about my possibly having any sort of neurological disease other than epilepsy. Could he just be wating to view my case over time to see how I do? Is the pin and needle sensation something normal? My husband says he gets them as well, but when the pain started I knew that I had never felt anything like that before. Keep in mind that I never had any concern that I may have something like MS until my hand tremors and blurry vision started. I didn't even know what it was. I just started doing my own research and saw that I had a number of the symptoms. I had also gone through a 3-4 week period where I had really bad speach problems, mouth spasms, and tremors that had spread to my neck and knees.

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