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New to the board looking for some feedback from those of you have have been there done that.
I am 26 yrs old. I am "healthy" never had any surgery, sickness, or anything dramatic happen. I have been having a "pressure headache" for about 8 weeks now. Some days its been worse than others. About 5 days ago I started to feel a vibrating sensation in my hands and feet, the same in all four one side is NOT stronger than the other. I've since noticed that I feel vibrating in my lips and tongue too. No pins and needles, NO numbness, just vibrations. This is a recap.

8 week pressure headache. (This is my first summer/fall in MO and I've also had itchy, swollen eyes maybe allergies)
Vibrating hands/feet/lips/tongue
Muscle twitches all over my body
I thought I was "healthy"
No diseases/cancers/anything run as far back as generations. Most in family live to be in 90's still drinking bloody mary's at dinner time
NO fever
NO swelling
NO blurred vision
NO dizziness
NO bowel/bladder problems
just this pressure headache and now vibrating thing going on.
The vibration and pressure dont get any worse, they are just there.
Also I have been dealing with moderate anxiety/panic attacks for years now although have never experienced this before with an attack.
Can anxiety make vibrations and twitching happen???
I dont feel sick or anything just this weird vibrations... went to doctor and he gave me Midrin to see if that helps with the headache thinking maybe it was a cluster/migraine. Havent taken it yet will try tonight. He said if that doesnt work, then an MRI should be done. I am really really really nrvous about this. I am already freaking out about the enclosed area of the MRI and having palpitations that I am going to be told I have MS>>>>
Anyone's MS start out with a tension/pressure headache for weeks before any other symptoms.???

Scared in MO

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