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Hi everyone,

I'm new here. I've been searching all over the internet for an explanation for my symptoms and after reading some of the postings I feel like I may belong here. I have been having unusual symptoms for several weeks now. I've had them before but not near as severe. It's driving me nuts. I have a "vibrating" sensation at night that keeps me awake and it now continues throughout the day. I feel like my feet, legs, arms and hands are constantly vibrating. I also have muscle spasms and twitches all over and a burning sensation in my neck and body. I sometimes feel like someone is stabbing me in the head, its sharp pains that are very brief. I have a high pitched ringing in my ear and I am dizzy. I have black spots in my vision and sometimes blurry vision. I saw my GP and he referred me to a neuro. but I don't see him for another 3 WEEKS! I don't know if I can stand this that long. Does this sound like MS to all of you? I did have an MRI of my head in April for what they thought was meningitis and it showed a white area. The report said "possible early demyelination". Just looking for some advice. Thanks for letting me ramble and whine.

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