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Hi again. I hope somebody else jumps in here to give their ideas.

It really is hard to know by just the symptoms what kind of activity is going on in your body and which might be worse. It is my understanding that vision problems in MS can be either a result of inflammation of the optic nerve, or lesions along the cranial nerve pathway that control eye movement and coordination.

If it is inflammation, an opthalmologist can usually see that by looking into your eye (but not always). Optic neuritis usually causes a graying or blurring of the vision and can be physically painful. Fortunately, ON often resolves quite well after the inflammation is gone.

Vision problems cause by uncontrolled eye movements are sometimes caused by lesions on the optic nerve, a lot like uncontrolled hand tremors or leg spasticity are caused by lesions in the spine. As the nerve remyelinates and the lesion diminishes the eye coordination returns. Muscle weakness can also cause double vision.

In my very unprofessional and quite possibly incorrect opinion, I think that vision problems caused by lesions would be more concerning as the body can never remyelinate as well as the original thing, whereas the inflamed optic nerve does heal pretty well. Having said that, I think that both are really rotten and I'm sorry you've been through any of it.

I would love to hear other people's opinions about this.

Take care,

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