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Re: Anyone?
Dec 6, 2004
:angel: Hi Tiresome.and LYN25
Some of us do jump back and forth in fear. With me, I was in pure terror. I watched myself going from superwomen (home repairs, carpentry,plumbing,and fiberglass repair,over the road truck driver) to a deterating mess within a year. As far as strength I could carry around 50lbs at work just like all of the men (7) of them ( I was the only women there,worked 138 hours every two weeks) came home cooked , cleaned, mowed the grass. All of it, to someone who can't even press 43 lbs with both arms and when it comes to the tricepts 8lbs. It's was tough to see what I've became. Leg press 35lbs each to 10lbs. I printed off 2000 pages on every ligitamite sight that I could find and not one thing on ms. I thought it was parkinsons. I lost valuable time in between that so call orthopedic and the first neuro. that I saw about balance and tremors. I was walking with a cane and had no debth perseption in the dark before I was diagnosed. from 5/2002 til 7/2003 I beleived in them and it cost me a year of treatment. I have a life, MS is two little letter for me, that's all I'll ever let it be to me anymore. I don't fear it,I won't. I didn't even join this board until recently and I did it because I don't want ms to do to someone else what it's done for me. I don't mence words. But lets face it anytime they start looking at the brain for something, nothing good can come from it and running away won't help us either. MS isn't going to stop progressing because we aren't ready to hear the words, it's going to carry on doing it handy work. Ms mimics so many other things and no mater what the outcome the sooner the puzzel is solved the sooner treatment begins the better off we all are. Some of the treatments nearly stop flare ups and now with the new drug that the FDA has approved things are really looking promising. I no longer use my cane and every saturday night I get away and go out dancing, not that slow stuff, disco, shagging, and yes even labomba. I'm single and loving it, I have 4 dance partners, all single all with homes of there own, and none of us looking for a relationship. Like I said I'm living and looking at life in whole new way, positive, all positive, I'm finding that neurological disorders loves stress and anxity,worry and depression. Don't let it have a second of any of it. None of them have earned the right. Tiresome and Lyn 25 fight, due the diary, figure the puzzel out. But don't fear it. Life is oh so very presious. Find the determination in yourself and start living again....... :jester:

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