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there are other things that mimic thos esymptoms, people here have mentioned prenacious anemia, but if she was concerend about ur MRI I doubt its that. I'm on here cause I have classic MS symptoms and truelly though it was that till diagnosis...... I have arnold chiari1 malformation and that mimics MS symptoms to the letter.........

I'd wait to see what the spinal tap reveals cause they do that for MS and not for ACM and if u have a bad feelign about the doctors of course seek a 2nd opinion. I'm form Aus so can;t help u with doctors and will leave that up to others. But if u do have MS don;t worry as you can see by the lovely people on the board here there are ways to manage it, my uncle has it so I have a pretty close view, plus first hadn experiance with the pain and nuero problems involved.

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