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I had a spinal tap. and had to go to the er for a blood patch. I agree that it did hurt. I was on my back in bed for 4 days, mainly because i had to be careful and not cause the blood patch to break loose. I coul dnot stand or even pick my head up, because of the spinal headache and dizziness. After the the fluid level came back up i was fine. It took about 3 days for me to feel better. THe fourth day was only due to the soreness in my lower back from the blood patch. Hope you are better.
I too, had a spinal headache when I had my LP last week. The spinal headache was far, far worse than the LP itself. I ended up going in 3 days later to have a blood patch. I didn't feel back to normal for 3 days. My back was really tight and sore, and I couldn't pick up my preschooler b/c they had warned me that straining could cause the patch to come loose. My spinal tap came back abnormal. It showed 2 oligoclonal bands and an elevated level of antibodies in the CSF. My LP supported an MS dx, but since my last MRI showed 1 lesion, I am not officially dx.


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