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Need info please!
Dec 22, 2004
Hi everyone,
back 4 years ago i got deathly ill, it started out with numbness to make this story short ill tell you what i have and what doc said.
Pernicious anemia(but doc thinks something else is going on)
pherpheal neoropathy
spasms in feet and toes very bad
i know this sounds crazy, im almost afraid to say something to doc, but i have almost like electrical shocks in neck i thought it was heart.
back 4 years ago i had mri and spinal tap but alot of these shocks didnt start till about a year ago. my vision gets blurry but not all the time ,dont understand it, i take hot baths because of arthritis but then i hurt worse but feel better to i go back to neuro in march of 05 alot of these new things that have been going on is since i seen him last. i have been threw bone marrow failure do to the pa a quack misdiagnosed me . i can deal with ms but not knowing what is going on with me is driving me even more nuttier.
god bless all and thanks

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