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Can anyone here help me with a few questions? Do MS symptoms affect you differently at different times of the year? Can you have some symptoms like in the summertime & then some are in the winter? Or do they not discriminate? Reason i'm asking is mostly during the summer months, i have symptoms such as this: my legs swell & are very painfull from my hips to my toes, I get leg cramps in the middle of the night, sometimes when my legs are bothering me i get a buzzing sensation in them like they're vibrating. In general they feel very heavy, especially after work. Also, i have really bad migraines, worse during the summer months. And, sometimes during the day or whenever i'll get real lightheaded & dizzy for no reason. And when i try to walk i kinda fall to one side, almost like i'm drunk. Lately, i've had problems with my neck, tightness, choking sensation, swollen glands. I went to the Dr. & he put me on antibiotics, took blood & urine sample & i'm waiting to hear from that now. Also, at the very top of my spine in the back, i have a numb spot, & when i move my head fowards or backwards it pops & cracks & is very tight. I'm 38 y/o male, & i feel like i'm falling apart, i'm not a drinker or drug abuser, but i do smoke. Any input would be appreciated! Sage

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