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I have many MS symptoms which include: tingling in my legs, mild cramping in my calf muscles, facial tingling, headaches, muscle twitches, tingling wave sensations through my head and body(almost like the chills) and shooting pains that effect different spots all over my body. The only thing is they come and go all day long. I can have the tingly legs for 20 mintues then they are fine. Then I will have a muscle twitch in my thigh that could last 2 hours. The shooting pains come and go all the time. The facial tingling happens every few days. The headaches come for no longer than an hour. Sometimes for only a few minutes. Then it will come back 20 minutes later. It just doesnt make sense to me. I have never had any of these symtoms for an entire day or longer than 2 hours. The only thing that has lingered is the fatigue. I will be seeing the neurologist in 2 weeks. My family doctor set that appointment up for the tingling and cramping in my legs.

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