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MS Victim
Jan 23, 2005
I was diagnosed with MS in 1972, at the age of 31. I had alot of fatigue, numbness in left arm, tingling in both feet and hands. I went through a complete battery of tests, spinal tap, etc. They didn't have MRI back then.
My doctor, a neuro specialist, told me I had MS and immediately put me in the hospital doing ACTH IV therapy for 6 weeks. Then I had to go to the local MS clinic they had. Each week I had ACTH and B12 shots. He put me on high doses of valium. Each week I was very ill and then when I started feeling a little better it was time for the MS clinic. I did this for several months and just kept getting worse. I stopped my medication and stopped my visits to the clinic. Went to another group of specialists and they told me I didn't have MS.
Long story short I continued to believe I didn't have it and went on to raise my 3 children, work, etc and ignored my symptoms. I went on like nothing was wrong with me. In 1983 I was having breathing problems and heavy chest problems. Went to doctor to have chest xray. Everything checked out great but they told me I had MS. I still lived life as before and ignored the symptoms and denied I had it. In 1991 I had a regular eye exam and the doctor asked if I had ever been diagnosed with MS. I told him NO.
He told me the only way my optic nerve could have the damage it did was with MS and told me to see a doctor. I later saw my family doctor and told him about my eye doctor. Never told him anything else because I did not want him to assume I had MS. He did an MRI and said I had MS. He put me on a work disability for 3 months and treated me with Buspar. It always made me sick so I quit taking it and went on with my life. I raised my 3 children and at age 45 started raising my 2 grandsons, alone.
My life has been full of stress and challenges(very bad for MS patients) but I have ignored that anything was wrong with me. I know my body and when I am under alot of stress I try to cope with that, when I am tired, I take a power nap. I haven't changed my lifestyle or eating habits or anything. I truly believe that my mind over matter attitude has helped me survive without any disabling effects. I am a lucky one. I still today have the symptoms but just continue to ignore them and go on. My feet are tingling right now. My biggest fear is that the MS will cause something else that I will not realize and it could be fatal. They say you don't die of MS but of the things MS causes. My eye sight is much worse but I have no other problems yet. I know I have to keep going, so I do. I think I have been in survival mode since I found out that I really had it.
I know not every MS victim can be as lucky as me but I stand on the fact that you cannot let it get you. You have to get it. Just like I have over all these years. I am 63 now. I refuse to give in to it. Oh, I could, and then I would probably be in a wheelchair. Know your limits and limit yourself when necessary. Keep a positive attitude and keep active. Both mentally and physically. Even those people that are home bound can keep the disease from getting worse with a positive attitude. Try to de-stress yourself each day. Stress is its worst enemy.
I am not saying to not take meds or whatever, but I am saying that you have got to have a WIN attitude. It WILL help.
LOVE TO and GOD BLESS all of you

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