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The chills going through my head is a little freaky! I have been getting chills through my whole body a lot lately but a couple of times of a day I get them just in my head...very strange!

Also are muscle twitches just a symptom of ALS or also of MS? I have been getting them all the time and it is so annoying. They don't last very long and quickly move on to another part of my body. However, now I am worried that it is a symptom of ALS. I am a 36 yr old female and do not have any muscle weakness so I know it is a long shot, but still a little scary!
[QUOTE=moore12321;3718123]:confused:Ok! I get these weird chills that start from the bottom of my back and travels to the top. Sometimes its my whole torso. Whenever they happen I just lean back and push my chest forward. But if im in public I hold it by squeezing my fist. Some points it feels goo sometimes it scares me ( a little). Do you know what it is?:confused::confused:[/QUOTE]

Welcome! I see the post you've responded to is quite old, so you may want to make a new one, introducing yourself, and telling us a little about you (if you have been diagnosed with MS and what type, in the process of searching, etc).

I get weird 'feelings' through my head. Sometimes chills, sometimes tingly feeling. In my case it's the MS.

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